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Identity of A'reve - European essence conjoining with New Yorker's modern spirit : Original, Distinctive and Accessible. A'reve is ingeniously born in Los Angeles in 2011. A'reve, derived from a French word "reve" which means "dream" portraits the reinterpretation of romantic and modern essence through architectural silhouettes and delicate details with everyday versatility. A'reve collection strikes the perfect balance between irresistible comfort and avant-garde style with a hint of couture spirit. The head designer, Stella Lim, creates perpetually ravishing silhouettes with youthful, pleasurable, and unique concepts, yet her designs are easy to wear on trend. The brand's strength lies in balancing new exciting ideas with the basic promise of quality and affordability with one of kind hand-crafted detail. A'reve wishes girls would enjoy wearing casual and comfortable clothes accented by delicate fabrics and exquisite details inspired by cultural diversity, both modern and timeless in its appeal. A'reve would like the girls who love to mix and match divergent styles to be able to fulfill their sensuous originality with the celebration of creativity. A'reve will strive continuously to create a lyrical introspective mood with delicate silhouettes expressing natural and unique spirit.
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