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Ask Apparel -
**COVID-19: Ask is STILL IN PRODUCTION MODE! We are a family owned business in Arkansas, and we are still shipping orders out daily! As long as our tee vendors are still shipping blanks, we will still be shipping finished products to YOU! Please keep in mind that while some manufacturers are unable to produce tees we will may have to make comparable substitutions for some colors, but we assure you that we will keep all colors as close as possible and of course will keep those ultra soft tees you know and love!

** MADE IN THE US! We are offering made to order items, so there will be a slight wait on shipping,(typically 3-5 business days from date of order) however we have one of the fastest turn around times in the business! We work as quickly as possible so that you have minimal wait time on your order! 90% of the tees we print are produced right here in the USA!

**We want to thank you so much for supporting our business, during these stressful times the best thing we can do is to support each other! From one small business owner to another, I know we will get through this and we are determined to continue to put out beautiful, inspirational items to put smiles on the faces of your customers!
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