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**PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING UPDATE TO OUR APPAREL ORDERS: We ship some apparel items from our own US Warehouse and some directly from our manufacturer in China. Any apparel items that are "Available to ship within 24 hours" in the product description means that it is in our warehouse, and will ship out within 24-48 of receiving the order. Any apparel item without this note in the description will ship directly from our manufacturer. The average lead time for these items is 8-12 days. We appreciate your patience during this time!**

"La bellezza è in tutti noi" means "Beauty is in all of us".

Bellissima Fashion & Footwear was born from the creative collaboration of our Italian and American sister companies, Soho Apparel and JustWin Shoes, and since then has become the leading American wholesale manufacturer of fashion lifestyle products from apparel to shoes.

Our single greatest and most important focus is to support our customers to become successful entrepreneurs by providing not just one category of products but the whole fashion spectrum from Women's, Men's Kids, Apparel, Accessories, and Shoes. Most importantly, we offer direct access to all of our production and manufacturing capabilities to help realize our customer's passion for fashion. (Hey that rhymes!)

As they say in Italy "Chi si volta, e chi si gira, sempre a casa va finire" meaning "No matter where you go or turn, you will always end up at home." From our family to yours, we hope for your continued safety and well-being.

Bellissima Fashion & Footwear
15035 Proctor Ave, 2nd Floor
City of Industry CA 91746
Customer Relations Department: 626-505-5006
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