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Capella Apparel is a Los Angeles based women's clothing manufacturer & wholesaler founded in 2004. With Capella’s creative direction, a startup wholesale company grew into a global design and manufacturing company by 2014. Since then, the company has expanded into a broader spectrum, varying from: casual, loungewear, modern, resort, sexy and everyday styles that you can mix and match and wear out to any occasion. In order to achieve our vision, we put our customers first and value our staff to promote a constructive working environment for all employees. As a manufacturer and direct importer operating in China and Vietnam, we're able to mass produce the most affordable women's clothing with amazing quality to our valued customers. We take pride in the diverse categories and numerous color options that we have available for our clothing and include Plus size options as well. These variegated options enable us to spread our mission as our goal is to bring great designs to life and to create quality clothing that our end customers can purchase and proudly wear at an amazing price. Due to our lower prices, our wholesale customers can gain greater profit margin and provide better service and options to their buyers as well. Our Junior/Young Contemporary collection consists of basic, comfortable, trendy and sexy clothing that adds as a sustainable statement to your fashion collection. Please look through our many options and contact us anytime you have any questions/inquiries. Thank you for visiting our webpage. We greatly appreciate the time given and the support from your business! Wishing all prosper & success, -CAPELLA APPAREL