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Welcome to OrangeShine
We set out to create a high quality brand tank top line that addresses the needs of all women. We wanted to design tank tops that every woman would want to wear. By combining the best quality materials, sizing and dimensions, the quintessential Lady Tank top brand was forever born.

Here at Lady Tank we have over 30 years of experience in the private label sector. We have heard from thousands of woman in an effort to learn what tank top every woman would want to wear. Our company specializes in choosing the best fabrics based on each individual style to ensure that we are providing the best quality items on the market today. We are constantly updating our inventory to stay current with the new demands of the fashion industry and are always researching the next best colors and styles. We know what people are looking for and offer the best quality to our customers. It’s our guarantee.

Comfortable, wearable, and style are the driving forces throughout the company, and invention rests at the heart of the brand. Our passion for pioneering tank tops is to more than satisfy the missing niche market of the most popular women’s clothing item and to create the future of women’s tank tops today. SAME DAY PROCESSING & SHIPPING ON ORDER PLACED BEFORE 12:00 PM.
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