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*ALL IN-STOCK ITEMS SHIP FROM OUR LOS ANGELES, CA OFFICE. FEEL FREE TO CHAT US TO CHECK STOCK* *PLEASE NOTE: A FEW ORDERS FROM THIS VENDOR ARE SHIPPED FROM CHINA. DELIVERY TIMES AND SHIPPING FEES MAY VARY* Lebella Nova is an American fashion brand with its factory in China. It's a young, modern, fresh style that creates sophistication and style you won't find anywhere else! The supplier ships some orders from the USA, China, and Korea. Delivery times and shipping charges may vary. 1. The goods are available in the warehouse, *If there is stock in the warehouse, we will ship it immediately. We will pre-authorize your payment with estimated shipping costs to process your order. Once the order is completed, the adjusted amount (if any) will be charged as the actual amount. Pre-authorized transactions may appear as "Pending" in your account, but the actual amount will only take 3-5 business days to be processed and completed, depending on your financial institution. *. 2. Out of stock If out of stock, we will contact you to wait or cancel. If there is no reply within 24 hours, we will automatically cancel the order, please understand If you would like us to call you if your order is incomplete, please write "Call If Order Is Incomplete." Otherwise, all ordered out-of-stock products will be delivered directly to the customer from our factory via DHL, UPS and FedEx, so the product will be delivered to the customer (tax and shipping included). Please note: It takes approximately 7-12 working days for customers to receive the goods, and there may be delays during holidays. 3. Have questions about the product Please contact lebellanova customer service. We will answer all our customers' questions and needs, 4. If there is a problem with customer payment We can pause orders for 7 days. If we are unable to receive payment within a certain time due to our inability to hold stock, we will have to cancel the order. Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9-4:30 (Pacific Time) Thank you for visiting our store.