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Founder of Like Dreams Handbags company, Jin Woo, has worked in the fashion industry for nearly 30 years as a manufacturer for major brands like Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, and French Connection UK. In 2008, she launched her own vision, Dream Control, a luxury hat brand that catered to celebrities and high-end customers who were drawn to the brand’s exquisite handcrafted designs. Branching from her love of accessories, Like Dreams was started in order to reach a larger clientele and bring the joy and vitality of accessible handbags for every fashion-conscious woman in the world. Through her work, Jin envisions a groundbreaking movement of unique modern women who seek to bring color and life to their dreams, their fashion statements a reflection of the future. Like Dreams aims to arm future generations with affordable and distinct style in the hopes that we will all draw one step closer to living life like dreams.