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Made in : USA
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Lori & Jane brand was established 12 years ago by designers and fashion enthusiasts to deliver a new meaning to Girls and Women’s style in America. Inspired by European chic, L&J designers bring you the flavors, colors, styles and unique designs of European and world fashion. From the streets of Paris, London and Milan our designers captured and repackaged local fashion to fit best the Young American Lady. Lori & Jane Fusion Style line is designed for children and young adults using the same approach taken with adult fashion. L&J fashion is fresh, colorful, detailed and fit to perfection Lori & Jane designs are successful because they blend the best of all worlds: fit all sizes, comfortable, practical and yet unique and fresh. Lori & Jane are about being fair. Our entire line of designs is priced to be affordable. L&J is the only AAA class fashion designer that anyone can afford! Lori & Jane designers take pride in their ability to fit stylish fabrics and accessories into our daily wardrobe, to deliver a more holistic, feminine look we like to call the Fusion Style ™ Lori & Jane fusion or Blend appeals to thousands of American girls. Lori & Jane help the charming little ladies in the same dedicated way women are being handled in the fashion world - we take youth fashion seriously.