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THIS VENDOR SHIP FROM CHINA. DELIVERY TIMES AND SHIPPING FEES MAY VARY.DELIVERY TIME WILL BE DELAYED DUE TO CHINESE HOLIDAYS. ESPECIALLY THE CHINESE SPRING FESTIVAL IS USUALLY AT THE END OF JANUARY OR EARLY FEBRUARY( 2023:16th JAN- 31st JAN) , SO THERE WILL BE A LONG HOLIDAY. Please pay special attention to this and arrange the order time. Maejoy fashion has a very young team to select and launch the most popular items to the market. We are a fast fashion brand company which has been supplying wholesale women's clothing for years.We offer variety selections from must-have basics to the latest trends in young contemporary. We aren't high-end fashion women's clothing, but our advantage is fast and fashionable style. We puts emphasis on fast trend and cost-effectiveness, but we are worthy of your choice. Experience our exceptional customer service and satisfaction today.