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Miss Sparkling is a young contemporary apparel and accessories brand based in Southern California. As a brand, We are always evolving with the trends and market demand, all while keeping an effortlessly cool vibe. Novelty knitwear designs are our signature, ranging from unique graphics to retro-inspired techniques. * Please allow 2-3 business days for your order to be processed for shipment. * Due to our location in Orange County, California, we do not offer hand-deliveries to Los Angeles for re-labeling and packaging. *All requests for deliveries to labeling companies in Los Angeles will be shipped via UPS. The one thing that sets us miles apart from the majority of other wholesalers in our market is our high-level of quality clothing items and reliability. Since we own the factory that produces all of our exclusive items, we can easily ensure only the highest standard of quality in everything we produce. We also have a team of brilliantly creative and fashion-focused designers who create over 20+ new designs weekly, with all products custom designed in the USA and affordably manufactured in China.