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The Story Behind OrangeShine

Cicindelae, Inc., does business as OrangeShine. Cicindelae means “candle” in Latin. Our trade name, OrangeShine, comes from the warm glow of firelight emanating from a candle.

As a child, Joseph was struck by the significance of how candles sacrifice themselves, and in doing so, give light to people. With that image engraved on his heart, he tried to practice serving others selflessly like a candle as he grew up, went to college, and started a business. It also led him to establish the non-profit organization Loving by Serving.

Our Mission

Serve vendors and retailers by:

    . Connecting them to each other and building a robust network;. Providing market platforms and entrepreneurial resources;. Creating user-friendly e-commerce experiences to free up time and energy so everybody wins.

Our Commitment

In 2021, Cicindelae, Inc., donated 90% of its shares to Loving by Serving, a non-profit which serves children, families, and communities through accessible, high-quality Christian education.