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THIS VENDOR SHIPS FROM CHINA. DELIVERY TIMES AND SHIPPING FEES MAY VARY. IT USUALLY TAKES 7-9 BUSINESS DAYS. We ship out our styles directly from our warehouse in China to your doorstep using DHL and FedEx shipping cost is $4.50 to $5.50 per pound (footwear and volume based items are a little higher.) Order over $1,000.00 we offer a 5% discount and order over $2000 we offer a discount of 10%. Due to increased declined payments and cancels, all buyers must have good order history on OrangeShine in order to place orders with us. With 25 years of fashion business experience, we’ve literally experienced everything and have worked on every possible style & fit. Keeping up with the changing trends and upcoming challenges has been our secret mantra. Success lies in our ability to adapt quickly to the latest fashion trends. Innovation fuels our wagon in our journey to success. Fashion is geographical and we are flexible in meeting the requirements of every customer. We maintain a high degree of efficiency in our quality and productivity every time. Further, we understand not all customers have the same size requirements. So we encourage our customers to send us a message if they would like to customize the size ratio in the pack they order. As a fast fashion brand our emphasis is on trendy fashion at value prices. We are not a high-end brand, if you are looking for very high quality fashion then we might not be your first choice, our pieces are good value for money with standard quality. Broken size packs: If we are running low on stock, but can ship out atleast half of the pack then we ship it and refund the rest. If it is less than half then we do not ship the item and give a full refund. Further we also welcome custom manufacturing orders, let us know how we could help you in that.