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S-P-R-I-N-G H-A-Z-E Spring Haze is a fashion-forward women's apparel wholesaler located in the heart of Downtown, Los Angeles. We currently specialize in women's junior and young contemporary clothing. A combination of feminine and modern, Spring Haze is always on the lookout for new styles and trends, to keep our line as fresh as possible. for young fashion-forward women. Committed to satisfying your fashion desires and showcasing premium quality. Our goal is to create an innovative line, combining classiness, amenity, and sophistication catering to the growing demands of the rapidly trending young contemporary market. At Spring Haze, we understand that being a trendsetter doesn't mean spending your entire paycheck, which is why we offer our line at an affordable price. Fashion should be fun, make it your own and don't follow the trends, set them. Words, we at Spring Haze, live by.