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Welcome to OrangeShine
Steven Ella -
We are a California clothing company that designs and manufactures in Los Angeles. We are contemporary and young contemporary collectors. As a wholesaler engaged in this industry for many years, quality is the first requirement. We have also accumulated a lot of empirical models about fashion concepts, styles and motivations. We value and always look forward to building a strong relationship with our customers.

During the period of covid-19, there may be many delays, but all the spot orders will be delivered within 4-12 days. We know that this is a long wait. Please don't be discouraged, that's just the estimated time of shipment. Orders will be shipped daily, and you may receive your order every week at any time before that date. Once charged, please allow 48 hours to receive tracking information and updates.

dvance purchase
All pre ordered products will be delivered to customers within 7-15 days (we may communicate with you in case of holiday or special period delay)
**If you want us to call you when the order is incomplete, please write "please call if the order is incomplete".
Otherwise, all out of stock products ordered will be directly delivered to customers from our factory through DHL, ups and FedEx, so the products will be delivered to customers (including tax and freight).
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. pacific standard time.
Call 6265753033 / 626-5922398
Thank you for coming to our store.
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