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Based in NYC and handcrafted in Colombia, We are shoemakers since 1998. STIVALI uses only the finest leathers with expert care and a devotion to craft. STIVALI's footprint is where fashion meets an indigenous golden legacy. The beautiful shoes are timeless. Drawing inspiration from New York sophistication, European Italian design and the pre-Spanish history of Colombia. Located in NYC the young couple and just married Lina Cristancho and Louis Guarin, continue the STIVALI legacy with looks that are both modern and classic. Founded in the 90s, the political and economic environment in Colombia was rough. In this scenario Eduardo Guarin, Louis Guarin's father, conceived the brand, and named it STIVALI with the goal to create a remarkable link in between his reference point, Italy, and the craftsmanship in the footwear cluster in Colombia. That said, Louis Guarin grew up alongside STIVALI, raised by his father, whom is still on top of the atelier in Colombia. "From an early age, in Colombia we are taught about our indigenous legacy, from times before the European arrival to America. There are many stories and legends, but there is one that have always captivated my mind, and makes me see Colombia as a place much more mystical and special, the legend of “El Dorado”. Legend tells of a Muisca king, the Zipa, who would cover himself in gold dust during sacred festivals, and from his raft he offered treasures to the Guatavita goddess in the middle of a sacred lake, the Guatavita lake. This old Muisca tradition became the origin of the legend of El Dorado, a legend of a whole country paved with gold. This golden Muisca raft figure is on display in the Gold Museum, in Bogota, Colombia. That said a moon shape gold figure was truly prevalent throughout the indigenous tribes. They would use them as earrings, nose rings, necklaces, and more. So we wanted to honor them, our history and background, by linking our STIVALI brand with our golden indigenous logo. My hope is that when people wear our shoes, they will get to know us a little bit more. That they will get to know our character, our love for life, and specially, that they might get curious about our culture, origins and history." - Louis Guarin. CUSTOMIZE YOUR SIZE RUN: Each shoe is specially handcrafted in Colombia for each of our clients once an order is placed. That said, you are welcomed to choose the size run that you wish; make sure to select sizes for at least 6 pairs packs, per color and style. MINIMUM IS JUST 2 PACKS OF 6 PAIRS EACH: Mix and Match your order, as long as you meet the overall minimum order, which is 2 packs of 6 pairs each. Each 6 pairs pack MUST be the same style and color. Reach Us out at any time for more information.