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"OS is the company willing to share love of Jesus with the world. It is OS's mission to help and give."

Building Dreams

OrangeShine is a company dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith with the world. It is OS's mission to help and give hope to children who suffer from poverty every day. Poor and uneducated children never get a chance to learn about and receive proper guidance on how to live their lives.

They do not know what is right and wrong, and so the vicious circle of poverty, violence, theft and sexual abuse never stops. OS believes education based on Biblical principles can teach not only the mind, but the heart as well, and open up paths to better lives. Children need to have faith in God and need to know that they are ""the salt of the earth and the light of the world"" because they were born as loving children of God. Therefore, OS has a greater vision of building Christian Schools for unfortunate children around the world.

OS Love Aprons for our Kenya teachers

OS Love Aprons for our Kenya teachers

Dresses in love Kenya 2011

Kenya 2011

Dresses in love Kenya 2011

Kenya 2012

Dresses in Love

As a small step toward giving hope to children, OS makes t-shirts for donation. With help from Christian missionaries, T-shirts have been given to children abroad in Kenya, India, Mongolia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

dresses in love

The Kenyans were unable to grasp the concept of scissors and could not think of a curriculum for what we would consider basic arts and crafts. The volunteer teachers helped educate the Kenyan teachers and help set up some basic, necessary educational foundation.


OS thanks all of our customers and vendors for supporting our vision by doing business with us. Without their help, we wouldn't be able to share with the world the love of Jesus Christ, which is our mission. We hope to have more supporters in coming years and work with them to spread the love of Jesus to children in all nations.