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Benefits by Tier
Annual Order Amount
$1 - $29,999
$30,000 - $499,999
$500,000 - $1,999,999
$2M +
Shine Rewards
1x - 6X Bonus
1x - 6X Bonus
1x - 6X Bonus
1x - 6X Bonus
Gift Lounge
Cashback Service
Special Gift
Boost your buying power and level up instantly!

The Shine Rewards Program is our loyalty program designed to allow frequent buyers to accumulate points for every dollar spent on OrangeShine that can be redeemed as store credit or exclusive E-gift card or Cash!

The points are earned for completed orders, excluding shipping and handling fees. The points will reflect on your account the next day after the order completion date.

All buyers earn 1 point for every dollar spent from OrangeShine. And Additional points will be rewarded for purchases from participating vendors. The additional points from these vendors can range from 1~5 points per dollar.

Buyers are placed in reward tiers based on their total order amounts. On the 1st of each month, your Buyer Reward tier will be determined by the total completed order amount over a 12 month period. This period starts 14 months prior to the current month, taking into account the 2 month grace period. The services provided are different for each reward tier. Please refer to the chart for details.

From OrangeShine

$1 spent equals 1 point. For example, if your completed order amount is $100, it’s equivalent to 100 points.

From Participating Vendors

$1 spent could equal up to 5 points depending on the vendor.

For redemption as store credit, 100 points = $1 store credit. Reward Points must be converted to store credit on the My Rewards page under My Account to apply the credit to your purchase on the payment page during checkout.

For redemption as an e-gift card or cash back, 100 points convert to $0.90. (You must accumulate a minimum value of $25 to redeem for a gift card and a minimum value of $50 to redeem cash back.) Only Silver, Gold Tier, and above members may convert their points to redeem rewards at the gift lounge.

No. All buyers are automatically enrolled in our program. Simply get verified as a buyer and you will automatically be eligible for the Shine Rewards Program!

You may view your reward summary, points earning history, and points usage history in the My Rewards section under My Account.

Points will expire after 1 year from issue date.

Only shipped orders are eligible for reward points. Total reward points are calculated based on total order amount (for total product purchase amount only). Shipping charges and other non-product purchases do not count toward accumulating reward points.

Once you enter the Shine Rewards Gift Lounge, you can see the tier upgrade request. When you start the tier upgrade request, you need to choose the level you want to enhance and share with us why you are eligible for that level, along with proof documents by attaching the files below. We will perform a quick 3-day verification process, and once approved, we will notify you via email.

The all-new Shine Rewards program is designed to provide better e-commerce services for buyers and vendors in the B2B wholesale marketplace. This exclusive service allows members to redeem their reward points for e-gift cards or real cash. With the launch of the new program, we have also updated the benefits for each tier. Please find your best benefits in the structure below.