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VAVA by Joy Han -
Voom by Joy Han, VaVa by Joy Han, and James & Joy have been the expression of woman everywhere for the last few decades. Whether you’re on the stage or behind the scenes your voice has been the paint to our brush.

Life deals us hands and the past few have been trying on women, and VaVa by Joy Han has been there with you. They tried to stop us and almost did. Almost, but then we remembered who we were. So we went back to the canvas.

We removed the old ways and reinvented new ones. First, as individuals and then together; as a team, we reflected and looked within. Some called it a storm, but we saw the rainbow. And in this process, a rebirth emerged.

Introducing Re:VAVA(Noun),(Verb): The revelation of inner fight and hope that’s in every real woman. And the refusal to look at life ever the same. Up is down. Down is up.

We welcome all who are ready to start their journey and Re:VAVA.

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VAVA by Joy Han
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