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VERY J. DETAIL, FASHION, TRENDS. With a keen eye for what's next to come and a relentless drive to surpass expectations, VERY J has been assisting customers acquire style—and not just purchase fashion. Since 2011, VERY J has been committed to providing customers with the best service possible. VERY J grasps the colorful and glamorous lifestyle of the Los Angeles tradition by exposing the couture in the day by day, and expresses a dosage of surprise in each design. We believe that fashion is a business built in tune with optimism and strong moral, in that sense we continue to move forward. Providing a unique line which expresses youth and edge with a twist, VERY J offers customers incredible style and value. NEW ARRIVALS, BEST-SELLERS, & SALES updated DAILY! Visit us often! Questions?? Call us at 213-622-0088. :) Embraces the bright, colorful and fun moods with trendy young contemporary fashion.