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Ship From: Highland, UT, US
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Hello from Wild Lucille Apparel! We are a leading provider of original and unique graphic tees, pullovers, stickers, trucker hats and tanks for women (and owned by women!) based out of Utah and Texas. At Wild Lucille Apparel, designs are artisan original graphics printed on high quality apparel, DTG ink printed for best quality and non-crack/non-fade. We operate a wholesale-only business, to qualified retailers so that we can better serve the needs of our boutique-owner friends like you! Our specialty is digital ink printing (dtg) with bright, vibrant colors and fun details. DTG printing uses ink that absorbs into the fabric, leaving the print permanent, soft and un-able to crack or peel. We pride ourselves on our quality printing and unique original designs, so please remember to allow 14 days for your order to process. Decals ship in 48 hours. Important Info: Wild Lucille Apparel does not allow products to be sold on 3rd party sales platforms (eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, et al), and for any of our items to be sold at or below wholesale cost and for retailers to maintain our MAP pricing of $22 unless on clearance or temporary promotion. We highly suggest an MSRP of $32 and higher, as we provide quality tees, original designs, personal small-batch DTG top-notch printing, and branded for a higher perceived value. All designs are copyright owned by Wild Lucille Apparel, and we do not allow any copying of our designs.