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** SHIPPING: Orders are expected to be shipped within 48 hours from payment authorized date.

** Please write on the buyer's note when placing an order "Call if the order is NOT complete" if you want us to call you in case the order is incomplete.  

** We do NOT offer UPS & FEDEX expedited shipping service at this time. Both carriers are experiencing delays because of vast increases in volume that they have to process and they cannot guarantee that the selected method will arrive on the promised date. Therefore, we will not be offering this service until further notice,

* All our items are in stock and ready for immediate shipping *

* We PRE-AUTHORIZE your payment with an estimated shipping charge to process the order. Actual amount will be charged after the order is complete with adjusted amount if there is any. Pre-authorized transactions will most likely be displayed as PENDING on your account but only the actual amount will be processed and completed within 3 to 5 business days depending on your financial institution. *

* If there is an issue with payment, we can hold the order for 7 days then we will have to cancel if we are not able to obtain payment within a time frame because we will not be able to hold inventory. *

** Fall/Winter : Shipping cost may be higher than normal because weight and volume of sweaters/sweatshirts are heavier and larger.

We offer must-have basics and trendy basics.
We continue to develop fabrics and designs to provide the best quality clothes at an affordable price.

We strive to meet our motto : Sustainable. Ethical. Affordable.
Sustainable: Our styles are not designed for fast fashion. People can wear them for longer periods of time. Also, we use quality fabrics for durability, to prevent waste, and to protect the environment.

Ethical: Our profits are minimal to provide our customers with the best prices and we do not charge extra for shipping.

Affordable: We strive to keep our prices low to provide our customers with value and affordability for all items.

TEL: (213) 748-1145
FAX: (213) 748-3742
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