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OrangeShine.com Is A Virtual One-Stop Shopping Site Distributing The Latest in Women's Wholesale Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories including Jewelry, Sunglasses, and Handbags.

OrangeShine.com is a first-class wholesale online marketplace carrying the latest in women's apparel, shoes, and accessories. We provide our online customers hundreds of the most reputable brands, manufacturers, and wholesale clothing importers from around the globe. We offer an amazing assortment of high quality women's wholesale brands at the lowest price. On OrangeShine.com will always find the most popular, trendy, and "IN" styles from dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, jeans, loungewear, sweaters, jackets, cardigans, shoes, bags, accessories and many more. We also offer a variety of styles and selections in wholesale tops (e.g. causal, basics, tank tops, halter tops, t-shirts, tube tops, camisole), wholesale dresses (e.g. causal, party, career, club, beach-vibe, sporty, maxi, summer dresses, spaghetti dresses, jumpsuits), and to top it all off, we carry all of the above in PLUS sizes as well.

As a top online wholesale marketplace, we strive to be different by offering a one-stop shopping experience. Customers can shop the best wholesale fashion brands all on one site with one check-out. This saves you (the customer) time from not having to visit multiple sites, have multiple check-outs, and pay multiple shipping fees. We bring it all together in one easy to navigate website so you not only save time, but you save MONEY. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we understand that it is no longer about just Customer Service alone, but also Customer Care. We have an amazing, friendly, and caring customer service staff that will help and assist you in any business matter.

When you shop at OrangeShine, you can buy the newest original styles at competitive prices every day. We also organize what we call "Fashion Events". Fashion Events are groupings we virtually merchandise based on trends, seasons, holidays, themes, basics, best sellers, and much, much more. We do the research and make it easy for our customers so that you can spend more time selling, and thinking about ways to grow your business. Get ready to browse all of the latest fashion inspirations you've been looking for from Missy, Junior, Contemporary and Plus size! And remember, if you want your business to shine, think OrangeShine!

If you are in search of cost effective wholesale fashion apparel and accessories, look no further than Orange Shine. We pride ourselves as the one stop destination for all things fashion and offer them at wholesale prices in bulk. This includes a number of extensive product lines ranging from swimwear and bags to clothing, accessories and jewelry. How you ask? We do business with a number of reputable manufacturers, factories and distributors for apparel and clothing that can wow your target customers. Fulfill the diverse demands of your extensive customer base with Orange Shine.