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WOMEN'S CLOTHING WHOLESALE VENDOR Apple Hips is a manufacturer and wholesaler that specializes in today's trending women's clothing. Apple Hip's outgoing and unique creations are a must have for all those who want to stand out. Thank you for shopping at Apple Hips. Pre-orders will be shipped within 2 to 3 weeks, and also some of the items will be take 2 weeks when it's not in stock in our inventory. We do not have a showroom available, but you can try calling us to make an appointment and we will get samples ready for you to see. Shipping Methods: We offer UPS 3 day select, 2 day air, ground, and USPS Priority Mail. we DO NOT ship international orders. Contact: 213-275-1053 Store: 1458 S San Pedro St. 230 Los Angeles, CA 90015