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Exposure to retail buyers globally.


Unlimited product uploads and
in-house advertising allow you to
grow your business with no limits.


Full service team to handle all of your marketing needs, including advertisement design & email promotion.

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All the tools you need to grow your brand

To grow your business, you need an organized system for all of your selling and marketing needs. We provide everything you need, including: - unlimited uploads - advertising & promotion opportunities - exposure to thousands of buyers worldwide.

We’re here to help you

We create trend reports, write promotional emails, and design advertisements to help you grow your brand. We also handle all of the customer service inquiries for buyers & retailers, so you can focus on your product & inventory.

Wholesale Marketplace

We have thousands of buyers internationally who log in to our platform daily. There is a never-ending demand for your unique product!

Why OrangeShine..

  • Increase your exposure to retail buyers worldwide
  • Easily track & manage your wholesale orders
  • Unlimited product uploads
  • Promotional emails sent to your tailored market of buyers
  • Full-scale design team creating your advertisements & marketing materials
  • Easy website management built for SEO

Our Vendor say


“Great Sales & Marketing Opportunities!”

OrangeShine has really changed my business! They've provided me with opportunities to be featured on their homepage banners, weekly trend reports, promotional emails, and so much more. They even helped me design my banners, graphics, and creative assets! I only started my fashion line a few years ago, but I feel much more comfortable navigating the wholesale fashion landscape with OrangeShine's help.

“Easy to use!”

The OrangeShine platform is so easy to use! I don't have a background in website design, but setting up my beautiful storefront was so simple! I'm able to add unlimited products & organize them into categories - they even help me with managing my orders and contacting the buyers on my behalf.

“Incredible Customer Service Team!”

OrangeShine has an incredible customer service team. They've helped me with everything, from setting up my storefront to managing orders on a daily basis. They respond faster than any other manufacturer or marketplace that I have worked with!

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