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Located in the CITY OF INDUSTRY,CALIFORNIA,the affordable Women Fashion Shoe Center of US,we are carring a variety of Shoes brands like Anna,Arider Girl,Bamboo,Cape Robbin,Forever,Liliana,Mata, Mi im,Nature Breeze,Pazzle,Qupid,Soda,Yoki.We work effectively with our suppliers and UPS to sending out all orders in time.Most of the orders would proccess within 24 hours.We are dedicated to providing customers with the unforgettable and must return shopping experience. Tens of thousands of styles carefully selected which provides the vast variety of choices.Fast turnover on new styles. We care about you! If you are not satisfied with any of our services, including the quality of shoes, the delivery speed, or the attitude of our customer service personnel, please let us know before you put the negative comments. We promise that we handle the customer complaint professionally even though we can't guarantee that we never make mistakes. Please give us a chance when you are really furious about some issues and see how we put out the fire before it burns out of control. We strive to keep our 100[[[%]]] customer satisfaction rate in both numbers and in substance. Let's make the accident an opportunity that we understand each other better instead of a sour taste memory which spoils the mood of yours, ours and others. Again, we appreciate your business and let's do it better!